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Aayusetu Jamun Honey- 250gm

Rs. 254.00 Rs. 299.00

Aayusetu Jamun Honey is basically a dark, slightly bitter variant of honey that is generally quite rich in minerals and vitamins. This honey usually has a strong aroma of Jamun and offers a multitude of health benefits. It calms the mind and completely relaxes the body. Loaded with potassium, Jamun Honey is actually quite beneficial for the heart. Besides keeping heart related ailments such as high blood pressure and heart diseases at bay, this honey is actually a potent remedy to prevent strokes as well. However, that’s not all, regular consumption of Jamun Honey prevents the hardening of arteries, thereby controlling hypertension and preventing cardiac arrests. It is thus often recommended as a must-have for patients suffering from high blood pressure.


Quantity: 250 gm

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Aayusetu Jamun Honey- 250gm

Rs. 254.00 Rs. 299.00